We are super excited to inform you that Mountain Realm has just finished producing a series of 60-second Review Branding Commercials for several major companies, select Medical Practices and other local businesses of various sizes.

And you can now get the same exact type of Review Commercial customized for your business - with YOUR Company name, YOUR logo and contact information and YOUR review or testimonial featured, - and have all that for just a fraction of its normal production cost!

Here are two examples of our Review Branding Commercials - one with a U.S. spokes model, and another - with a British one:

Better yet, in Google, you can simply type in "Tiffany's Tampa reviews" and you can see how these commercials Dominate the top rankings.

Just imagine YOUR own business featured in this type of professional video commercial, which you could place on your website, Social Media and all your online marketing materials!

BOTTOM LINE. After 2 months of LIVE beta testing, we have seen businesses instantly getting ranked on the first page of YouTube and even Google with these commercials within HOURS!

Typically this could cost you thousands of dollars to produce, because:

  • We use professional spokes models and cover royalties;
  • We shoot in a Hollywood-style studio;
  • We professionally edit and brand each video to position you as a market leader;
  • We promote your reputation by highlighting a 5-Star review you have received;
  • We create prime time graphics and animation;
  • We also create an on-location view of someone reading about your 5-Star reputation on an iPad, which is what we call social proof;
  • We put in a Call-To-Action close to get your phone to ring;
  • We broadcast your commercial online;
  • We syndicate your commercial to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

And this isn't even taking into account the lighting crew, the sound guys, the engineers, the gaffers lunch all day long for the crew and some other expenses.

But you can have it for a small fraction of the cost, - ask us how!

In order to arrange for Production of YOUR own custom video Review Commercial, all you need to do is schedule a brief (about 15 minutes) call with one of our Field Producers, who will collect the details for your video, such as your logo, contact information, branding colors, featured review and a picture of your lobby/reception area (which will be inserted behind our spokes model, using Green-Screen technology, making it look like she is standing in YOUR office!).

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We've done focus groups on these commercials and found:

  • 70% of the people who saw this video said they would pick up the phone and call you.
  • 65% of the people who saw this said they would be willing to refer a friend, family member or colleague to you just based on the strength of this Review Branding Commercial.

As you probably realize, not even commercials that cost ten thousand dollars get a 70% "yes" on "I watched the video and I'm going to call you"!


If you become our Beta Tester (ask us how!), you can also get access to our Feedback & Review Kiosk mobile app that can be installed on any Android tablet and will give a drastic boost to your positive review gathering efforts: Reputation Kiosk Mobile App from Mountain Realm

Remember it's first come first served for a limited number of businesses, so please go ahead and click on the scheduling link and claim yours before it's gone.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Contact us today to learn more! Contact Mountain Realm