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Founded in 2008, Mountain Realm Designs is a U.S.-based leader in Reputation Marketing, web design, mobile marketing and all types of advertisement, both online and offline.

Our consultants leverage the Mountain Realm's mobile site builder, SMS/text messaging platform and mobile apps creator along with our local niche designs when structuring a complete mobile solution for the local business clients. Furthermore, Mountain Realm Designs delivers results for local businesses by transforming their client acquisition and retention strategies through the implementation of mobile and social media into their marketing strategy.

Mountain Realm Designs management continually invests in our tools and our team to ensure that our technology and training are cutting edge and that we remain as the leading Marketing Agency in today’s competitive market.

Prior to spreading the word about our clients, we help them build a 5-Star Online Reputation which ensures maximum effectiveness of all further marketing efforts. We always remember that Reputation Is Everything for ANY business. When leveraged correctly, using Mountain Realm's unique online and offline Reputation Marketing strategies, our clients' 5-Star Online Reputation helps them get more customers.

How would you like having this kind of video Review Branding Commercial which you could place on your website, Social Media and all your online marketing materials:

This is the best way to create a memorable and solid image for your brand, and to get more customers for your business!

We are proud to be specializing on Reputation Marketing, which starts with building you a 5-Star Reputation and then we help you leverage it both online and offline to get more customers.

Here is just a brief list of services that we provide our Customers, as included into Mountain Realm's Reputation Marketing Service Package:

1) Reputation Strategy Creation and Implementation - we create and execute a local-level targeted reputation marketing plan using our team of Reputation Marketing Experts and our proprietary systems;

2) Regular Reporting & Detailed Analytics - we provide Bi-Weekly Reporting on all their reviews across the web to include social media directories;

3) Review Monitoring & Alerts - we are sending them Daily Review Alerts – for both positive and negative reviews, and Monitoring of their online reputation across the web;

4) Location-Based Reporting - our Regular Reputation Reporting is tailored for each of their company’s locations;

5) Obtaining Additional Reviews - we show them how to design and implement strategies and tactics to grow their reviews using post cards, business cards, email and more;

6) Access To Our Custom Media Center. Our gorgeous Media Center is a state-of-art marketing tool they can use to produce business cards, post cards, flyers, table top brochures and much more to help them get more reviews, collect valuable client feedback and to market their reviews and brand;

7) Collecting Feedback (Reviews & Surveys) and Posting Best Reviews Online - we design a custom personalized Business Review Page where their customers and clients can leave their reviews, plus give valuable feedback and/or complete surveys. Then the best of these reviews are posted to their business and local directories;

8) Syndication Of Their Online and Offline Reviews - we provide a system for getting their 5-Star Reviews consistently updated on their website. These are the latest 5-Star Reviews and testimonials, both written and video, from across the web;

9) Managing Their Online Reputation - we manage their reputation by making sure only the 5-Star Reviews get posted on their website.

10) Company Staff Training Portal. One of the key elements in building a 5-Star reputation is making sure everyone in the Company is on the same page about the value of their Company's Online Reputation. We provide each Customer with their own personalized Business Reputation Training Center for all their employees to train and implement a 5-Star Reputation Business Culture.


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